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The primary records of settlement in Singapore are from the second century AD under the standard of Emperor Sumatran Srivijaya and initially had the Javanese name Temasek (‘ocean town’). Between the sixteenth and mid nineteenth hundreds of years, Singapore was a piece of the Sultanate of Johor. In 1613, Portuguese plunderers torched the settlement at the mouth of Singapore River and the island sank into lack of definition for the following two centuries.
The British entered Singapore in 1819 to build up the southern piece of Singapore as a British exchanging post and settlement. It formally turned into a British province in August 1824 by a settlement marked by the British East India Company and Malay Sultan who was controlling the Island Territory.
Singapore proclaimed autonomy from Britain singularly in August 1963 and formally picked up sway on ninth August 1965.

Informatics Academy

Established in 1983 to address Asia’s need for IT expertise, Informatics Academy has transformed through the years into a center of excellence in higher learning. By offering diplomas and degrees in various disciplines, we equip our students with relevant skills and knowledge to be leaders in the marketplace

Being a student-centric institute, Informatics Academy has moved its campus to the heart of Singapore. Based in the National Library Building at Victoria Street, our new city campus makes commuting easy for our students and is fully equipped with the latest teaching equipment; to offer a better learning experience for our students.


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Auston Institute is a private school

Auston Establishment is a tuition based school, established in 1996, that has been getting ready understudies for vocations in Building, IT Innovation and Task The executives through advanced education learning.

Auston Organization is a non-public school, established in 1996, that has been getting ready understudies for professions in Building, IT Innovation and Undertaking The board through advanced education learning.

Why Study Auston

>> People choose us for the personal-attention they receive and the positive student experience praised by many
>> An internationally recognized degree with wide acceptance
>> A convenient and conducive teaching location
>> Flexible intakes in March, June/ July or October/ November
>> Accelerated study options
>> An internationally recognized degree with wide acceptance


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